Fvshion Dvting created by fashion blogger Natalie Wo, who decided early on into blogging that her learning would be plentiful from behind the scenes.  In, 2016 the offline Fvshion Dvting group was built, a group designed to promote and support emerging  designers. Fvshion Dvting assists our designers by creatively supporting and building their innovative ideas through visual or both visual and unique content forms.

Established in Peckham, South East London, Fvshion Dvting has witnessed the changes of Peckham. New changes, have brought about birthing of – new businesses and furthermore brought the undiscovered of creativity evolving into fashion, arts, film and music. Over, recent years, new feet have found they way to Peckham, designers, artists and musicians have all settled and been attracted to Peckham, SE15, is a smorgasbord of cultural influences and good vibes.