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Girls about Peckham

Girls about Peckham just an idea playing and forming around in my head teasing me, after many thoughts on how to share the stories of the different girls about Peckham, the hashtag #girlsaboutPeckham was created late in 2016. Girls, girls, girls on the roads of Peckham, new faces, outfits worn differently, new styles if you [...]

Melaninated Medicine

Melanin is dedicated to black females as I celebrate OUR BEAUTY without any apologies. With many discussions over the years about the lack of diversity, not enough black hair or makeup stylists in the industry. With a sudden increase of black models featured in magazines and gracing covers or campaigns, what could be more precious? [...]

Fashion Scented

September and February still the official months of fashion week in New York, London, Milan, and Paris the aim of the game is to showcase fashion for the following season, even though some designers choose to go seasonless these days. For Spring 2018 designers awoken your eyes with hot trends popping up and rekindling their undying [...]

Hungry for the Power Suit

The Smoking hot POWER SUIT first earned attention when designer Yves Saint Laurent decided he wanted to combine new ideas of mixing pieces from a man's suit and women's clothing. Le Smoking suit was part of the Pop Art collection from Yves Saint Laurent Autumn/Winter 1966, the tuxedo suit for women the first of its kind to [...]

Are designers playing the unification game?

UNITY is a strong word, a strong action and emotion, so when I noticed that fashion houses had nonchalantly began to unify the runways, by bringing together both menswear and womenswear talk about panic would this mean the near end of Mens Fashion Week? Would we be seeing headlines such as Men's fashion week is [...]

Friday’s stories making the head

Friday the only day that brings forth the weekend and the headlines from the current week. We welcomed 2018, announcing the new year as the year of the WOMAN, with it being 100 years that women were officially granted the right to vote. In February's issue of British Vogue, Eva Wiseman meets seven influential females [...]

Dapper Dan to open his store early January

When Gucci showcased their Cruise 2018 show in Florence, as always it was a spectacle of glamour with a touch of copying or in the words of the Gucci representative “exploring popular culture”. Gucci had copied a garment designed by Harlem designer Daniel Day knew as Dapper Dan, the coat was worn by athlete Diane [...]

This week’s hottest headlines in fashion

Badgal Riri started of the week's headliners by posting a Louis Vuitton custom-made toilet with the caption: Not only that you maybe wearing green lipstick this festive season colour favourite, thanks to Fenty Beauty. The 14 new lipstick shades from beauty brand Fenty Beauty, drops December 26th just in time for New Years Eve partying. The 14 [...]

Girls about Peckham spotted at Peckham Levels

Peckham is our home, you can't help but connect with the huge creative buzz running through the veins of the streets, it's infectious. Tonight, Peckham Levels opened their doors to the masses eager to discover what's behind the old Peckham car park doors. As you walk up to the cinema and turn right, you can't [...]

Friday’s stories making headlines in fashion

This week's headlines in fashion Meet the 24 year old Sun Ra, who is working with Dior producing couture techniques Read more on THE CUT Kanye West releases his paparazzi style look-book for Yeezy Season 6 collection, as worn by Kim Kardashian. What happened to the menswear? Read more on FVD This week London held [...]