Gucci casted Black Magic

With several publications sharing the same headline: Did Gucci just cast all black models for their next campaign? Yes, Gucci had uploaded nine audition videos from their Pre-Fall ’17 campaign on Instagram, featuring a mix of male and female all-black models, from ages 19-23.

The casting took place in London, January 26, 2017, each model was filmed and asked a number of questions about their inner spiritual animal and what it means to have soul, the nine audition videos showed the models vibing to a 1960s soul track. After reading Paper Magazine we discovered that they had reached out to be representative at Gucci who could not confirm any details about the campaign. Apparently, the campaign launched 4 days ago here in London, we have been walking around London with our eyes open, but we have not been able to identify anything linked to the Gucci Pre-Fall ’17 campaign across London.  Round of applause to Gucci who have demonstrated an effort of delivering a strong message with the lack of diversity within fashion, which shouldn’t be swiped under the luxury rug!!

Question is will we read or hear in conversation someone pass remarks that black people/models cannot sell luxury items.  We patiently await the selling power statistics behind this campaign.  Below, check out some of the responses given by the models for #GucciPreFall17 campaign, London, January 26, 2017.

Sharifa, 22.

“My spirit animal would be… you know baby giraffes they can be a bit awkward sometimes because they are growing into their legs.”

Akua, Why is the bumblebee your spirit animal?

“Because it creates things that are sweet and represent sensuality as well as pollinating new life.”

Chauncey, 23.

“My spirit animal is a tiger, I like the fact they are very observative and very vicious”

Give a lot but never too much 💋

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Christmas 2016 👑👠

Alton, 19. What does it mean to have soul?
“It means to be you in the purest form.”

Abdulaye“Soul is what you bring to the table in terms of inner flair.”

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