Kanye West secures slot at New York Fashion Week

Fashion Month is quickly gaining on us as she wears the ugliest kitten heels screaming “You can’t sit with us”. Well excuse me, madam, we never asked to sit with you….

Anyway let’s frantically jump in with one show we always like to watch at New York Fashion Week – Yeezy, this month fans are all looking forward to Mr. West presenting Season 5 as it has been rumoured Kanye West is to present a separate second line. Fvshion Dvting believes it’s could possibly be a Kids clothing line. Kanye did tweet last year that Season 4 would be kids and that turned out to be a walking flop as models has issues with their footwear and the scorching heat.

Steven Kolb executive officier at CFDA had became tired of West who was not following the guidelines for designers showing over NYFW. CFDA had stated that he would not have a time slot on their schedule, however, after some making up Kanye’s show has been rescheduled… to two hours earlier. The Yeezy Season 5 show has been rescheduled to 3 p.m. on Wednesday 15 February instead of 5 p.m., which would have directly conflicted with Marchesa. The Yeezy Season 5 show will take place at Pier 59 Studios.

CFDA president and chief executive officer Steven Kolb stated:

“Kanye called me personally to let me know that he had no intention of showing on top of another designer, and was unaware that there was a conflict. He explained that once he realized Marchesa was in the time slot, he immediately looked at alternative options. The CFDA appreciates Kanye’s outreach and effort, and we look forward to working with him far in advance to integrate Yeezy into the schedule in seasons to come.”

Ok so, Mt west will be in the building,  Kanye made a long winded call probably about how Yeezy S3 was the best of all time and the longest fashion show of all time!!! Visit season 2 and you will find that Kanye West had also pulled that same not on schedule stunt,  which assisted in the pushing out of other designers, who initially had to find another space, print new invites and restructure their show due to his not following of guidelines.


Kanye certainly will not want the bad reviews from the world of fashion, with many tiring saying its the same old Yeezy. Its rumoured as mentioned that he is to showcase two lines at the unveiling of SEASON 5. We think could be the long anticipated YEEZY KIDS LINE S1, baring in mind his circle of fashion friends we are sure he will be able to get the guidance needed. Last thing we may have already seen North and Saint already wearing his kids line if the rumour happens to be true.

Check out the tweet we literally dig through West tweets to find it he truly has some dope and funny tweeted thoughts.



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