BEINGU – lingerie brand

Sadia Sisay launches her lingerie brand beingU, today marks the launch of the brand. Sisay’s lingerie brand beingU celebrates body images and diversity within fashion. Sadia Sisay credits her 21-year-old daughter as her main force of inspiration, after watching her daughter flourish into a young lady living in a time where some skin tones are unrepresented.

Lingerie brand beingU offers high quality lingerie for women of all shapes, whilst focusing on the beautiful and invigorating tones of women of colour. With 5 stunning styles made to focus on the wearer beingU – being and feeling yourself whilst awakening your confidence.  The five piece collection has three ranges: Kobicha, Yendi and Rosa, the finer details that you don’t want to miss. Kobicha introduces a high-shine mesh of three pieced structured bra and high-waisted thongs. Rosa is a lightly lined bra with a deep V neckline, made from mesh and with the signature beingU bespoke embroidery, matched with a pair of high-waisted thongs. Lastly, Yendi consists of moulded padded bra, shaped straps produced from the softest textured microfiber and matched with boyshorts.

Hello SADIA, your story is one of true inspiration, tenacity and dedication to accomplishing your dream, many women would find your truth powerful and a story that should be shared with others.  Firstly, we noted that you are a mother, business woman and a widow after sadly loosing your husband. With, her business skills and life experiences, Sadia left her career in the medial field to walk a greener pathway and today Sadia launches beingU.

Lets talk about Sadia and beingU

Who is Sadia?  In 3 words
Daughter, Mother, Doer
How did your 21-year-old daughter assist in the concept/branding of being U?
Apart from being the muse, you mean?

She was the inspiration and through everything she always told me to never give up as that is what I had always taught her. So even though she saw every step of concept and design her role was giving me a purpose.

Interesting to see that beingU celebrates the many shapes, sizes and shades of all women, Do you feel that being is currently needed within society amongst women of colour?

Yes, I do beingU offer another choice in way that is not there. By that I mean in addition to skin tones, we have considered the various shapes and sizes as well as the design of the briefs to cup the bottom. When you look at the solutions backless bra in skin tones as well, we have an offering to women of colour not available anywhere in one package.

In the 30 years you spents searching for the right underwear for your body shape and tone. What was the main highlight or concerning issuse you came across?  

The word nude as is in the dictionary is where it starts. So it is not surprising that the nude represented all those years did not represent the rich tapestry of women of all colours. My main highlight has been seeing that it is concept that many more are realising is an issue and is becoming more mainstream What could be better than that. To have young black women and women of colour having choices that look like them!

The key fabrics used is a high-shine mesh, pieces are designed in matching sets with a high-waisted briefs or aesthetic brandishing a great fit for the fuller bottom framed women and bespoke embroidery? What’s your favourite set from the collection and why?What lingerie you currently wearing? Erm no pictures please just description.

Of course no pics! Today I am wearing the Yendi bra set in beingU, that is because the fabric of my dress quite clingy, so I want a smooth finish. Though after saying that I wore the Rosa embroidery bra yesterday under a long sleeve tee and it worked perfectly. The high shine Kobicha just makes me feel glamorous in a supermarket so I love all of them!

Would you give the readers of Fvshion Dvting some tips on ensuring we are choosing the right fit when buying beingU lingerie.

If you understand that you are not the same size in all brands you are halfway there. Use the size of a bra that fits you well as a guide when going across brands. Use that and be prepared to go a cup up or down or back up or down. There are various good guides on sizing out there as well but open to you sizing and don’t get fixed on one size covers all.

Fast run up of 2017 for being

We launch on 6th February
Our website is beingU
We will be expanding our range over the year.
Keep you eyes and ears open as some exciting events planned!

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