FreakBall Fiends

Seasons come and go and with that colours, designs and movements within fashion tend to change, to be fair it seems as, if fashion turns over faster than the seasons themselves. With offerings of buy-now from designers and now jewellers taking the leap, the consumer wants more than just fashion, they are craving more lifestyle elements that compliment that feeling of being complete.

This season we have had a fruit bowl of colours thrown at us from designers hinting at political disasters of the new world, at the recent Men’s Fashion Week, London designers Maharishi cleverly told the story of the East vs West.  As, summer rays push us to fill up our local parks, placing our butts on the green, green grass, to be fair the smell of freshly cut grass truly awakens your nostrils, research indicates great results for the body when blended and consumed as a juice.

Colour of the Year 2017 – Greenery 15-0343

Pantene announced Greenery, as the colour of the year – the fresh, zesty yellow green that evokes the first days of spring when nature revives and share her true beauty. The green grass we either walk on or merely have a free seat on comes in all tones of green, you may have noticed the many bright colour tones out there on the high-street.  Summery tones straight out your fruit bow or even vegetable patch include honey yellows (as we like to say), reds, purples, peaches, pinks and oranges and now green.  This year is about being seen in colour, as much colour as possible, maybe your that random mismatch kind of dresser or a snazzy matcher, nevertheless whatever your choice of colour or colours get ready to brighten up your wardrobe.

Here’s the perfect chance to present David Ferreira, Fvshion Dvting attended his runway debut over London Fashion Week.  The Freak Ball A/W 17 collection references the historical beginning of the circus and 1932 film “Freak” celebrates the beauty of individuality, whilst not fitting into the regimented rules of society. With a rebellious exciting colour palette of midnight blue, baby blue, chartreuse yellow, turquoise and pink. Ferreira rose to the occasion and created volume throughout in the forms of ruffles, gatherings of tulle, Mongolian lamb and silk.

David Ferreira
David Ferreira
David Ferreira
David Ferreira
David Ferreira
David Ferreira
David Ferreira
David Ferreira
David Ferreira
David Ferreira
David Ferreira
David Ferreira

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