Exploring Popular Culture (Dapper Dan x Gucci)

Three strikes and you’re out sounds like a court case taking place with sportswear giant adidas, not shy about protecting their three stripes but do you blame them? The art of copying and taking WITHOUT permission is certainly on the up within fashion. Last week Gucci showcased their latest Cruise show in Florence, Italy as always it’s a spectacle of glamour and high fashion but this time with a blatant touch of copying or in the words of the Gucci representative “exploring popular culture”.

Dapper Dan vs Gucci Resort
Dapper Dan vs Gucci

Gucci created a 115 piece strong collection, there was one ensemble that caused a stir to be exact – as it was identified as a copy of the huge bell sleeved coat designed by Harlem outfitter Dapper Dan way back in the 80’s. Dapper Dan was the go-to garment maker with the drug dealers of Harlem, gangs of New York, athletes hip hop stars and crews. The coat in question look 33 to be exact was worn by Olympic Diane Dixon in 1989,  the owner of the original design – Diane had posted pictures with the caption “Bish stole my look” now ain’t that the damn truth.

With some magazines defending Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele by stating in all fairness the ensemble designed by Dapper Dan, worn by Diane Dixon was made in Louis Vuitton monogram. Some even went as far to say that Dapper Dan’s designs were illegitimate designs and Gucci paid homage after being called out.

With this not the only argument surrounding copying with Gucci just goggle Gucci Copying, social media went crazy when Gucci dropped the Gucci Ghost shopping tote. Supporters of stylist Sonique Saturday tweeted that Alessandro had taken creatively from the independent designer, who had established the Belladonna bag collection four years prior to Gucci launching the Gucci Ghost tote. Unfortunately, you will not be allowed to view her latest collection without a password as shown here possibly due to the Gucci incident, but do visit Sonique’s instagram page.

You Fake Like This Chanel
Sonique stylist and bag designer
Gucci Ghost designed by Trevor Andrew

Back to the story line at hand Dapper Dan sadly had to close his business in 1992, following a number of legal battles with the luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi and MCM who happened to sue his business into non-existence. Recently, Gucci responded with a representative telling the New York Times that the collection was a continuation of  exploring popular culture and that the look was an homage rather than reappropriation.

“Alessandro is interested in a collaboration with Daniel Day that would celebrate the influence his creations had on fashion and hip hop culture in the 80s.”

So, could a Gucci x Dapper Dan collaboration be coming soon? YES, in a recent interview with the New York Times Mr. Daniel Day confirmed that Gucci had been in contact and would only say  “We’re at the table” .


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