Exploring Popular Culture (Dapper Dan x Gucci)

Dapper Dan and Gucci will collaboated read the updated post

Fvshion Dvting

Dapper Dan vs Gucci Resort Dapper Dan vs Gucci

Three strikes and you’re out sounds like a court case taking place with sportswear giant adidas, not shy about protecting their three stripes but do you blame them? The art of copying and taking WITHOUT permission is certainly on the up within fashion. Last week Gucci showcased their latest Cruise show in Florence, Italy as always it’s a spectacle of glamour and high fashion but this time with a blatant touch of copying or in the words of the Gucci representative “exploring popular culture”.

Gucci created a 115 piece strong collection, there was one ensemble that caused a stir to be exact – as it was identified as a copy of the huge bell sleeved coat designed by Harlem outfitter Dapper Dan way back in the 80’s. Dapper Dan was the go-to garment maker with the drug dealers of Harlem, gangs of New York, athletes…

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