Fvshion Dvting x All Walks takes on Diversity at Graduate Fashion Week

Fvshion Dvting x AllWalksCatwalk
FVD x AWC collaboration at Graduate Fashion Week

Graduate Fashion Week is “fashion week” for the latest graduates of fashion from design to graphics or even fashion communication. The huge 3 day event takes place in Shoreditch, The Truman Building with live runways, workshops and talks from fashion greats such as Gok Wan, Mylene Klass and Hilary Alexander.

Our Story
Our Story by graduate Ede Dugdale

With over 50 universities in attendance from the UK and international fashion schools, graduates showcased their latest collections to industry experts with the aim to be be selected for the Gold Award or even interest of buyers, magazine editors or even possibility of securing a job. Each year Graduate Fashion Week hosts a spectrum of competitions such as the ASOS Future Talent Award, one of biggest wins has to be the Christopher Bailey Gold Award previously won by Chrisptoher Bailey and Stella McCartney.

Industry Pass

This season Fvshion Dvting collaborated with All Walks to cover all walks of diveristy displayed at Graduate Fashion Week.

Diversity needs to be a happening one of the here to stay factors not another faze who is brave enough to step forward and say YES I agree? With Edward Enninful, recently sharing the new Gap advert that highly displays and supports diveristy within advertising and fashion.

What is diversity?  the first definition that comes up when you google the meaning; a variety of something such as opinion, colour or style, ethnic variety such as socioeconomic and gender variety, in a group, society or organisation. Discrepancy, or a difference from what is normal or expected. (And dance group Diversity, well Ashley did it right by opening his doors to everyone)

All Walks worked with over 70 colleges and universities worldwide to find talented fashion students determined to make a change in the industry. They have introduced specially-designed diversity modules for fashion programmes and their annual Diversity Now competition.

I-D magazine announced the winner of the people’s choice #DIVERSITYNOW competition entries came from designers, stylists, photographers and filmmakers sharing their vision of a fashion industry that celebrates people of all sizes, shapes, skin tones, ages, abilities, ethnicities and genders.

Damini Deshwai
Fashion design student Damini at the Pearl Academy of New Delhi. Damini produced a collection of sarees for men.
Josephine Partridge, in collaboration with photographer Harrison France, both from Leeds College of Art, submitted an editorial celebrating  female body hair.
Winner IS
The Co-Founder’s at All Walks Catwalk winning choice was Raul Castilla, who studies fashion styling at Istituto Marangoni in London. Raul submitted an editorial focused on diverse representations of masculinity.
Runner Up
The Co-founder’s at AllWalksCatwalk runner-up was Maame Appiah, a fashion design student at UCA Rochester. Maame noted, “there is still a bias towards light skinned Caucasian features and slim bodies”. Questioning why ‘nude’ always has to mean pale, Maame created an outfit in a ‘nude’ shade for a dark skin tone, also using the silhouette to exaggerate and idealise wider hips. “My outfit is about self love, loving the body and its surface,” she explains. Words I-D magazine

Here’s how we initially covered Graduate Fashion Week and what we discovered, asked by All Walks to do a collar feature of Graduate Fashion Week for their Instagram and Twitter focusing on a diverse take of the years emerging talent.

Nathalie Clarkson - Ravensbourne
This poster was created in response to a quote I had read in The Times from model Chanel Iman. She stated how she had been rejected from shows because of the colour of her skin. #DiveristyNow

As, we collated a lot of information over the course of time we will share our findings, along with live interviews from the ones to watch. Our favourite designers came from  Birmingham City University my hometown, Northampton, Edinburgh, Ravensbourne, De Montfort University and Kingston University.

Be on the look out for our findings, live interviews and detailed footage from the runway. Follow us on Twitter @fvshiondvting for daily Fvshion Dvting.



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