Yeezy release modelled by Kim Kardashian as she practices running errands

Kanye and Kim known for their extreme love of fashion and style, so imagine when I take a peep at her twitter page and find the unofficial release of Yeezy Season 6 modelled by Kim herself and styled by Carine Roitfeld.

Kim tweeted:

“I’m up early and might spam you guys with these Yeezy looks that I love,”

Kim was photographed wearing some of the latest pieces from Kanye’s Yeezy Season 6 collection, apparently Kanye invited a selected few to see the latest Yeezy 6 collection this September in Paris.

It’s admittedly hard to imagine Kim Kardashian running into McDonalds, running to FedEx or filling up her own petrol, what I did notice was the clever product placement of the DeLorean car. Kim captioned the images “McDonald’s run,” “getting gas,” “Kit Kat run,” “meetings,” “FedEx run”.

Nevertheless, if it was well staged editorial I really love the raw, untouched style of the look-book featuring Kim.

Take a look the unofficial Yeezy lookbook below..

Images Kim Kardashian Twitter


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