Girls about Peckham spotted at Peckham Levels

Peckham is our home, you can’t help but connect with the huge creative buzz running through the veins of the streets, it’s infectious. Tonight, Peckham Levels opened their doors to the masses eager to discover what’s behind the old Peckham car park doors. As you walk up to the cinema and turn right, you can’t miss the words Peckham Levels painted on the wall or look up slightly at the brightly coloured windows.

Once inside Peckham Levels, you’re greeted warmly with a brightly coloured staircase, painted in the seasons’ colours popping trend palette of burnt orange, sunshine yellow, candy pinks and sky blues.

Girls about Peckham came out tonight in full fashionable force and noticeably so did a few key garments. Following up with Girls about Peckham after UK artist RAY BLK track MY HOOD ft STORMZY pops into my head she’s truly dope check her out.  Feast your eyes on some of the girls about Peckham who caught my eye at the Peckham Levels opening. as we joined creative forces with AdornGirl who took the images of the girls about Peckham at the Peckham Levels opening night.


OmgLaLa – Blogger

Camilla – Events manager

Sophia – Recruitment

Serita – 100m Sprint Hurdler

Laurence Tiloucia – The prints on her shirt is amazing zoom in

Abibah Odusanwo – Law Graduate

Ella – Fine Art Photography student

Natasha – Recruitment Manager

Camilla – Events Manager

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