Dapper Dan to open his store early January

When Gucci showcased their Cruise 2018 show in Florence, as always it was a spectacle of glamour with a touch of copying or in the words of the Gucci representative “exploring popular culture”. Gucci had copied a garment designed by Harlem designer Daniel Day knew as Dapper Dan, the coat was worn by athlete Diane Dixon back in the 80’s.

With everyone coming to the defence of Dapper Dan and firing at Gucci, Alessandro set up meetings with Dapper Dan, he then featured Dapper in a Harlem life inspired A/W17 menswear tailoring campaign for Gucci.

Alessandro kept his promises, it’s reported Gucci flew Dapper Dan out to Italy to the headquarters to seal the news.

Dapper Dan in his new Harlem atelier. Photo: Renell Medrano/Gucci

Dapper Dan is set to open a brand new atelier in January 2018, the atelier will use “Gucci raw materials, fabrics, prints, embroidered patches and hardware” to make “bespoke Dapper Dan of Harlem garments,” according to a press release from Gucci. In addition to the exciting news Gucci’s A/W18 collection will feature a Gucci x Dapper Dan collaboration.

Last note:

The decor is masculine with touches of Italy not really what I was expecting, especially when you look back at the story of Dapper Dan. Maybe the many expected or unexpected visitors to the atelier will be the voice of many a untold Dapper Dan story.

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