Hungry for the Power

The Smoking hot POWER SUIT first earned attention when designer Yves Saint Laurent decided he wanted to combine new ideas of mixing pieces from a man’s suit and women’s clothing. Le Smoking suit was part of the Pop Art collection from Yves Saint Laurent Autumn/Winter 1966, the tuxedo suit for women the first of its kind to gain attention from the fashion world.

With, the tuxedo suit soon recognised, as the alternative to the little black dress, the black trousers and jacket with four buttons down the pockets, the bottoms were high-waisted and elongated the leg was a favourite look of the day for Bianca Jagger.

Today, the Le Smoking suit is still inherent in every YSL collection mostly recently at the 60th Grammys Awards, the Power Suit made her presence on the red carpet, ex-rapper Eve, Janelle Monáe and Kesha opted for the androgynous tone of the power suit, beauty lies in the simplicity of a pair of well-cut trousers, and a tailored jacket, this season’s favourite is the slouchy suit.

The power suit can be an easy-to-style look which in return gives a strong powered up vibe!!!! You can style up your power suit by adding faux fur collar, funky socks and trainers, netted socked slingback heels, accessories such as a turban even a thin or chunky belt.

Bianca Jagger
Bianca Jagger

The bumbag is one of the hottest accessory bags, last New York Fashion Week Marc Jacob Spring/Summer 2018 models wore turbans with the slouchy super eclectic colourful suits, trainers and hue colour-blocking bumbags. Designers had zoned in femininity and strength with soft oversized blazers and slouchy pants. every woman should have a power suit in her wardrobe this season, nevertheless finding the right one will be a doodle. I suggest looking out for longevity and style, aim to stay away from cheap fabrics and unflattering fits.

Marc Jacobs Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2018 *Orange peel*

Question is what kind of Power Suit wearer are you? Whatever you decide why not add a colour shirt of your choice, t-shirt or fancy bra set over no bra? How about you mix up your layering with a skirt or a dress as shown below there’s no doubt that the right trouser suit guarantees to make you both look and feel ready for business.

Long jacket with lapel collar Zara £79.99 Flared Trousers £39.99

Crepe Blazer V Neck Blazer in Pink Zara £49.99 Trousers with a belt £29.99

Zara Crepe Blazer with rolled up sleeves £15.99 I swapped the trousers for the paper bag styled pair as shown below.
Zara pleated detail trousers £25.99

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