Taka Naka – The Past to the Present

Taka Naka’s two fashion designers, Tamara and Natasha Surguladze, presented their latest Autumn/Winter 2018 collection at the Theatre Royal, Dury Lane. A grand staircase lined in figurative prints of animals, along with grand images of Red Army officers hung on the walls, played a part in the science of blending the past with the present. Light folk dance music played in the background enhancing the ambience while live fashion models sat and stood on the staircase looking like live pieces of vintage, printed furniture.

Eastern European Inspiration

The designing duo gathered inspiration from the famous 1800’s floral Russian shawls of Pavlovo Pasad and the pleated sleeves of traditional dance costumes from Szek. Taka Naka offered padded features on classic double breasted coats, jackets, cardigans and bombers, matched with printed tights or ankle socks worn with black brogues and 50’s inspired beehive.

With Georgian Kilms motifs dating back to 1920’s and 1930’s, beautiful figurative prints inspired by traditional Red Army officers on horseback joined two lions or deers. Russian shawls interpreted the old wives tale of ‘flowers on your shoulders’. The designs featured made reference to Eastern European costumes, folk traditions and 1920’s Georgian literature with strong vintage designs in the form of modern shapes and silhouettes. With real life silhouettes of animals on the pencil skirts, A-line dresses and bombers were paired together to represent love and the tree of life symbolising happiness.

Taka Naka


Word and video produced by Natalie Wo.



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