Girls About Peckham

Girls, Girls, Girls from the roads of Peckham, SE15 with the many new faces pouring into Peckham who are the original girls of Peckham? Girls About Peckham who are they? What does she stand for? Where does she eat and hang out?  Girls About Peckham has been a mini project that has been playing our mind map since last year, with mood boards and numerous written stories about who the Girl and Girls About Peckham may happen to be.

Fvshion Dvting has witnessed the changes some for the good and some for the downright greedy fat cats of business.  But, its a dog eat dog world right? And if you don’t do it someone else will in a heartbeat, issues we have included how will or do the soon to be implemented plans benefit those who lived in the area before the starting of the regeneration of Peckham?

Recently, we have been asking ourselves do the Girls About Peckham come into the area for the culture that is already alive and kicking or is it the hyped created with headlines such as “Peckham is the number 1 place to live in South East, London”.


Don’t miss out on our collaborative project coming this winter you can check out some of the pictures taken using the hashtag #GirlsAboutPeckham over on Twitter.