Chicago Notes

Korlekie x HBC

Background: showcase the intricate craftsmanship carried out by both brands 

Korlekie is a London-based luxury fashion label specialising in untraditional knitwear and bespoke designs of handmade intricately weaved designs with doses of fringing and recognisable spiderwebs, the name Korlekie means ‘Queens of the Eagles’ from the Ga-Adangbe tribe in the Eastern region of Ghana.

Handbag Clinic, on the other hand, provides a sought-after service that requires combining the leather restoration of luxury designer bags, carried out by a team of skilled technicians who work on each designer bag repair by hand ensuring seamless finishes.

Handbag Clinic x Korlekie pride both pride their success on the quality of true craftsmanship, Fvshion Dvting organised the collaboration and assisted in the styling of the shoot – the collaborative photo shoot showcased both labels passion for craftsmanship, intricate details, and sustainable quality.

The Shoot: Creative Direction super overloads of luxury designer details with bags from The Handbag Clinic and key pieces from luxury brand Korlekie sealing the creative concept of intricate details and craftsmanship.

Korlekie x HBC
Korlekie x Handbag Clinic
Chicago Nights: Photographer Darren Black
Korlekie x HBC
Korlekie x Handbag Clinic Behind the Scenes



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