Background: the idea was to create content using pastel colours whilst cleverly imitating dark and light elements of Halloween, hence the soft fabric in the designers’ collection chosen for the shoot and the handpainted mask across the mouth.  After a few creative dates and a first initial mood board from AdornGirl, the work began as I set out to find what I could add to the collaborate creative concept. Inspiration is found in many mediums and sometimes not always within your own sector.  The visual board was built focusing on making use of a mirror that would capture reflections and lightning.

The designer collection: the contrast of tulle and mohair in pastel shades of pinks, greys and warm coral tones. Nude tone jackets, oversized wide legged pants in earthy tones matched with a one-sleeved piece that YSL would be happy to see, pinks coats designed in Mohair added texture and colour.


Co-Creative Direction:  AdornGirl x Fvshion Dvting

Styling: Fvshion Dvting

Photography/Videography: AdornGirl

Designer: Nailah Iqbal

Makeup Artist: Lauren Gayle

Model: Ann Tye

Images to be added.




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